How I Helped Sam Ovens Crush His Revenue Goals (And I Learned From Him)

How I Helped Sam Ovens Crush His Revenue Goals (And I Learned From Him)

June 25, 20244 min read

Listen Entrepreneurs,

There are secrets to performing at your best as an entrepreneur and, in turn, growing your revenue at an unprecedented rate...

And today, I'm going to share some of those secrets with you using Sam Ovens, the CEO of and business partner with Alex Hormozi, as a case study.

Now, back in 2016, I had the pleasure of being Sam's coach.

But here's the thing...

While I thought I was the one doing the teaching, it turns out Sam had a lesson for me that would change the game forever!

You see, when Sam first came to me, he was already successful.

But he was burning the candle at both ends, sacrificing his health and wellbeing on the altar of business growth.

Sound familiar Entrepreneurs?

I did what I do best - helped him optimize his sleep, nutrition, and exercise.

I introduced Sam to meditation, to calm his mind and raise his awareness so he could see the right path.

We fine-tuned his daily routines and implemented cutting-edge biohacking techniques.

The results?

Sam's energy skyrocketed.

His focus sharpened to laser precision.

And his business?

Well, let's just say it went from impressive to downright jaw-dropping.

But here's where things get interesting...

While I was busy helping Sam optimize his mental and physical performance, he was using something that would blow my mind:

The Alchemy of Self.

It was a revolutionary approach to reprogramming your self-image for EXPONENTIAL success!

And when Sam shared it with me, it was like someone had flipped a switch in my brain.

I realized that while optimizing physical & mental performance was crucial...

The real secret to stratospheric success lay in completely transforming how you see yourself.

But it was only when I started coaching more and more of Sam's multi-millionaire students who had used the 'Alchemy of Self'...

To transform themselves from broke, wannabe entrepreneurs to extremely successful ones did I become OBSESSED!

You see, I already had personal experience using NLP, hypnosis and positive psychology and have been programmed for success with a hypnotherapist to billionaires...

To take me from being a personal trainer earning 40 pounds (about $50 an hour) to being one of the highest paid business coaches in the world.

Now I've taken Sam's Alchemy of Self, combined it with...

Cutting-edge neuroscience, advanced psychological techniques, and even 'energetic psychology' created something entirely new.

The result?

A system that doesn't just optimize your performance -

It completely rewires your brain for success on a level most entrepreneurs can't even imagine.

I'm talking about the kind of transformation that turns 6-figure businesses into 7-figure empires... and 7-figure operations into 8-figure dynasties.


By demolishing the invisible barriers in your mind that have been holding you back all this time.

Now, I know what you're thinking...

"That sounds great, Mark, but what does this mean for ME?"

Well, Entrepreneurs, I'm glad you asked.

For the next 48 hours only, I'm offering a 50% discount on my TRANSCEND program.

TRANSCEND is a 12-month business accelerator where you’ll remove ‘head trash’ that’s been holding you back and install a new self-image to rapidly accomplish your business revenue (or even exit) goals!

Over the next 12 months when you join TRANSCEND you will,

Shatter Your Revenue Ceilings And Achieve Exponential Growth By Removing The Subconscious Blockages That Have Been Holding You Back, So You Can Finally Claim The Success And Abundance You Deserve.

Master Cutting-Edge 'Quantum Leaps' Techniques To Effortlessly Attract Your Dream Customers, Opportunities, And Income, So You Can Quantum Leap Your Business Without Grinding Harder.

Develop An Indestructible Winner's Mindset That Conquers Self-Doubt, Procrastination, And Fear, So You Can Take Bold, Decisive Action And Achieve Massive Results With Unshakable Confidence.

And that's just scratching the surface...

[If you're ready to DEMOLISH your limitations and achieve the "impossible", then TRANSCEND is for you.]

But remember, this 50% off deal vanishes in 48 hours.

After that, the price doubles and you'll be left wondering "what if?"

Don't let that happen. Take action now and let's unlock your full potential together.


Remember what Jim Rohn said, 

'Your level of success will rarely exceed your level of personal development because success is something you attract by the person you become.'

It's time to break free from these limitations and unleash the unstoppable force within you!

To your inevitable success,

Mark Dhamma, MA

High Performance Coach To Entrepreneurs

Unleashing Your Entrepreneurial Potential to Quantum Leap Your Revenue

CEO & Founder of Supercharged Entrepreneurs

BSc Sports Science & Physiology

MA Positive Organizational Psychology

Advanced NLP & Hypnotherapy Specialist


Still on the fence?

Consider this: A year from now, you'll wish you had started today.

Especially when you're watching others in your industry achieve incredible financial results while you're still stuck on the hamster wheel of hustle and grind.

Don't let another year slip by.

Book your call now and let's reconstruct your self-image to magnetically attract the success you deserve:



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