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Our Supercharged Coaches Will Take You From Feeling Fat, Stressed & Tired....To Being Fit, Focused & Energized Within 12 Weeks!

Don't take it from us, take it from them...

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Tai Lopez

“Mark Dhamma is an expert in optimal health & psychology. I’ve hired and personally mentored Mark. I highly recommend Mark if you’re an entrepreneur looking to be at your best both physically & mentally.”

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Sam Ovens

Mark Dhamma helped me make a massive transformation physically and mentally which had a positive impact on my business results. My health, mindset and business profits improved through working with Mark. Working with him was a worthwhile business investment.”

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Jeremy Haynes

Since working with my Supercharged Coach, Mark Dhamma, I’ve dramatically increased my energy levels by going on a high performance diet and optimizing my sleep. My focus is like a super power and stress levels are close to ZERO from the meditation and mindfulness exercises we’ve implemented. 

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Our process is simple, but extremely effective...


The Seven AWESOME Steps™

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About Us

Mark Dhamma, MA, leads the Supercharged team which consists of PhD candidates and Masters level graduates with a strong grounding in Sports Science, Positive Psychology, Executive Coaching & Evaluation.

We at Supercharged use a data driven approach to your success as an entrepreneur.


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Performance Stats

Data doesn't lie. Our Supercharged Performance System is based on your personal performance data and results. Not a cookie cutter approach. 

You move on from each module only when you hit certain Graduating Performance Metrics (GPI's), proving to your Supercharged Coach that you're taking action on the information and noticing performance gains.

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Client Success

Every entrepreneur comes into our world with high expectations of their impact in the world. They just need optimized to fulfill their potential.

Learn about the success of some of the top entrepreneurs in the world, and begin to visualize your success.

A little about our Founder...

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Mark Dhamma, MA

CEO & Founder of Supercharged Entrepreneurs

High Performance Coach For Entrepreneurs.

Since 2008, Mark has been coaching entrepreneurs on how to look, feel and perform at your best internationally.

Mark focuses on helping entrepreneurs optimizing their energy, focus and business results. 

He brings a wealth of knowledge to his clients including a BSc in Sports Science & Physiology, 17 years of experience in optimal health, including being a health coach to A-List celebrities and Executives.

Mark has a Masters Degree in Positive Psychology under the famous, ‘Flow’ Professor, Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi to teach his clients the science-backed, proven techniques to feel happier, more productive, focused and experience higher levels of wellbeing. 

He gained executive coaching skills from the “Royally Knighted”, Sir John Whitmore ’The Founder Of Modern Day Coaching’.

Mark's unique approach is to adapt the latest science in optimal human performance, to the modern needs of the entrepreneur.

Mark & his Supercharged Team, achieve results with their clients through their '7 AWESOME Steps' protocol combined with personal coaching.

The '7 AWESOME Steps' create simple, yet effective habits that lead entrepreneurs to experience superior energy, focus and, ultimately, achieve their life goals in RAPID time.

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